The Warpaint Extra National Student Makeup Competition Awards

25 Nov 2022
Warpaint Stage
Warpaint Stage

The winners of the National Student Makeup Competition will be announced live on stage, hosted by Emma Rutherford, Warpaint's Editorial Director.

The judges for the Bridal Category are: Glamour Gran Ann and Victoria Louise MUA

The judges for the body painting category are: Cat Finlayson and Emma Cammack

The judges for the fashion category are: Yasmin Heinz and Sean Maloney

The judges for Character – Tim Burton movies are: Tanya Noor

The judges for Creative – ‘90s Nostalgia are: Angela Youngs and Daniel Kerry

Glamour Gran Ann
Victoria Louise MUA
Cat Finlayson
Emma Cammack
Yasmin Heinz
Sean Maloney - Sean Maloney Make Up Academy
Tanya Noor
Angela Youngs
Daniel Kerry